December 1, 2011Free Winter Portraits!

It’s December! And it finally feels like December – I can’t decide if I like my winters to feel like winter or if I was 100% okay with 70 degree Thanksgiving.

Anyway, with this new blog, I’m opening up the door for portrait requests through the end of the year for free, no strings! As I build up my portfolio, I’m looking for any opportunity I can get to take more pictures. By allowing me to take you and your friends or family’s pictures, you’ll received edited, digital copies of your photos, just in time for Christmas cards (or New Year’s newsletters, or Valentine’s Day postcards..)!

Here’s the logistics:

  • Sessions will last 30-60 minutes.
  • I’ll be in Philadelphia until December 15th, Rockville until January 9th (with a little bit of Baltimore – that means you, Radiate families!) after which point I’ll be back in Philly for awhile.
  • Sessions are 100% FREE! Donations are appreciated but are NOT expected.
If you’re interested, e-mail me here to schedule a session!

  • Dad said:

    Very, very nice site. Cute comments. Since you do such good work, I would like family portraits taken during the holidays. Especially, since it would be free. You would have been such a great ballerina if you weren't so clutchy. Great job!!!!

  • holly said:

    I second all of the above.

  • dleedlee said:

    Such a talent! I'll enjoy checking out the back catalogue, too. Nicely done, Alison. orz